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Why Are We Different

We believe that our following qualities make us stand out and justifies our claim to be probably the most competent and experienced solar farm developers in the UK. Delivering on promises, unlike so many in the industry, is what we stand for and what our landowners will testify to.

Our solar farms are developed in a way which we believe is mutually beneficial to all stakeholders. We pay special attention to understanding the needs of the landowners, respecting the fact that solar must work around agricultural land and not the other way around.

We believe that our following qualities separate us from the competition and certainly the most likely to successfully take forward a project on your land:

  • Close to 100% success rate at achieving planning permission for large scale solar farm projects outside the green belt
  • Finance at the ready - a proven record in delivering funds for the development and construction of large scale renewable energy projects, removing concerns from our landowner partners
  • Experienced in-house team is an advantage with many years of planning application production for power projects, ensuring the fastest possible delivery of a robust planning application to maximise success for all.
  • Strong relationships with experienced contractors capable of delivering large projects with minimum fuss and maximum care for the sites we work on - with consideration for the livestock who may share the site too
  • Described by the funding organisations we have worked with as one of the most credible solar developers they have come across
  • Where it is not possible to use our own in-house team, we only use the best available and most experienced advisers (lawyers, surveyors and electrical specialists) and to allow us to finish the job to the highest possible specification 
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