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Malmaynes Hall 12MW Solar Farm

Malmaynes Hall 12MW Solar Farm

Wessex Solar Energy submitted a planning application to Medway Council to construct and operate a 12 MWp solar farm at a site approximately 8 km northeast of Strood.

Planning permission was awarded for the project in November 2014.

The solar farm will consist of over 57,000 solar panels.  The panels are placed on top of steel frames, which are piled into the ground in a similar fashion to a fencepost.  The panel ‘tables’ are positioned at an angle of between 20º and 35º from the ground and have a height of no more than 3.5 m from the ground to the top of the panel table.

On average, the annual electricity produced from the project will be of the order of 12,100,000 kWh, enough to power over 2,600 homes and prevent the emissions of up to 10,600 tonnes of CO2.
Electricity will be exported to the regional electricity network via an underground connection and then tee-in to an existing overhead line that crosses just to the north of the site, operated by UK Power Networks.

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